Two Guys at Guantanamo

May 25, 2010 nyupressblog 0

Amherst Magazine profiled one editor and one contributor, both alumnae, from The Guantanamo Lawyers. What have I taken away from this experience?” Repeating a question, Park Avenue attorney Paul Winke ’90 paused over his breakfast

The Big Lie About Guantanamo Lawyers

March 22, 2010 nyupressblog 0

Jonathan Hafetz, co-editor of The Guantanamo Lawyers, explains at the Huffington Post: The recent attacks on lawyers who have worked on behalf of Guantánamo detainees have employed the tactic of the “Big Lie”—that is, a

Guantánamo and the Rule of Law

October 22, 2009 nyupressblog 0

Lecture for Harris Institute, Washington University School of Law “Guantánamo and the Rule of Law” October 20, 2009 Jonathan Hafetz, co-editor of The Guantanamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison Outside the Law Cross-Posted from Forty