The Effect of Media Technology on Judaism

July 29, 2009 nyupressblog 0

My Jewish Learning has a fantastically interesting interview with Jeffrey Chandler about his book, Jews, God and Videotape. Can you give examples of some positives and negatives of the effect media technology has had on

Secret Escape Routes of Chinatown…

July 27, 2009 nyupressblog 0

From the Library Journal interview of David Freeland, author (and tour guide) of Automats, Taxi Dances, and Vaudeville… The Atlantic Garden backed onto Elizabeth Street, from which at first it seemed to Freeland that only

An Introduction to

July 24, 2009 nyupressblog 0

An introduction to Queer Country, the blog counterpart to Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America by Mary L. Gray. What this site is about? This site is (hopefully) not Gets Serious about Babysitting

July 22, 2009 nyupressblog 0 has a great interview with Babysitter author Miriam Forman-Brunell. It covers all aspects of the babysitting spectrum, from history.. Has there ever been a golden age of baby sitting? There really never has. Many

The New Yorker Asks, Why Are We So Fat?

July 20, 2009 nyupressblog 0

This article features our Fall 2009 title The Fat Studies Reader, edited by Esther D. Rothblum and Sondra Solovay One of the most comprehensive data sets available about Americans—how tall they are, when they last

The Bronx, Art Deco, and Neuroscience

July 16, 2009 nyupressblog 0

By Constance Rosenblum. Cross-posted from, the website for the forthcoming book Boulevard of Dreams: Heady Times, Heartbreak, and Hope along the Grand Concourse in the Bronx The other day I visited the Art Deco

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